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D-Link DIR-456U 3G Mypocket Router Single Band

D-Link DIR-456U 3G Mypocket Router Single Band

Rs.11,023  Rs.5,024

DIR-456U allows you to connect to a 3.75G mobile network and share a 3.75G mobile connection with PCs and wireless devices within the area. This router can be used with an analog phone to make mobile phone calls over GSM. WPA/WPA2 encryption and dual-active firewalls are also included for secure remote connections.

- 3.75G mobile connectivity lets you take your broadband connection with you wherever you go.

ADVANCED FIREWALL and Encryption - Dual-active firewalls and WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption ensure that your information remains secure when working from remote locations.

- A standard RJ-11 jack allows you to connect your favorite telephone and make mobile phone calls.
Just insert USIM/SIM and easily connect to 375G network.
Supports 3G WAN, PPOE, Static IP and DHCP.
Supports SMS Service (Read/Compose/Delete) and also has phonebook list.